Agrifooresults.eu project is supported by the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme ([FP7/2007-2013]
under grant agreement n° 226927

Topic of the work programme
KBBE-2008-2-5-03 - Dissemination of research projects in the food sector
Description of the topic (extracted from the work programme)
Dissemination measures can sometimes reach a full impact only after a project has ended, but when costs are not eligible any longer. This Coordination and Support Action (CSA) would give the means to consortia to effectively communicate their findings, in collaboration with other consortia, in the field of food science and technology, with emphasis on food safety and quality. The intention should be that the dissemination mechanisms developed are sustainable in the longer term and are designed to meet the needs of relevant stakeholder groups who would be the beneficiaries of the projects outcomes. This CSA is not only directed at consortia of EC-funded projects, but also at projects funded by other means (national, Member States in different configurations, global, industrial). In order to ensure relevance and impact of the research effort, the active participation of at least 5 participants representing 5 projects (out of which at least one project has not received EC funding) represents an added value to the activities and this will be reflected in the evaluation.

Expected impact: provide effective and sustainable dissemination measures of research projects in the food area leading to a higher degree of technology transfer and innovation and therefore increased competitiveness of the food industry.
Project officer
Dirk Pottier (DG Research and Innovation)
Number of partners
18 organisations
2 years from May 2009 to May 2011
Project summary

AgriFoodResults intends to answer the need for a better dissemination of results of food research. The vision is to improve the cost effectiveness of agri-food research activities by enhancing the transfer of the results to the end-users. The project combines capacity building with the creation of sustainable services for dissemination managers. Theses services include_once web-sites, innovative approach to communicate scientific results and guidelines for project and dissemination managers.

The expected outputs are:

1. Two web-sites: one on dissemination practices (for dissemination managers, with guide of good practices, directories of contacts, database of information relays) and one on food scientific results (for end-users, with a database of scientific results in food science).

2. An innovative and sustainable web solution for communicating project results.

3. Several guides of good practices:

i) A guide of good practices for the dissemination manager
ii) A guide of good practices for communication with food SMEs
iii) A guide of good practices for communication with policy makers
iv) A guide of good practices for communication with consumers

4. Several reports including:

i) A report benchmarking current practices on dissemination of scientific results in the food sector and identifying the needs of SMEs.
ii) A report on strategies for communication of scientific results.
iii) A final report (compiling the guides, database etc) on dissemination strategies.

5. Workshops (8) organised across Europe and presentations (18) of project results in conferences and workshops organised outside AgriFoodResults.

6. One European conference on dissemination practices which will include_once the award of prizes for the dissemination activities of projects.

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75231 Paris Cedex 05
Tel: (+33) 01 44 08 86 20
Fax: (+33) 01 44 08 86 21
Mail Contact: Christophe Cotillon

List of partners involved in the project

Organisation Country Contact
Association de Coordination Technique pour l'Industrie Agro Alimentaire - ACTIA France Christophe Cotillon + C.COTILLON(at)actia-asso.eu
Euroquality France Olivier Chartier +32.2.742.08.01 olivier.chartier(at)euroquality.fr
Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire, Agroalimentaire et de l’Alimentation Nantes-Atlantique – ONIRIS France Alain Lebail + lebail(at)oniris-nantes.fr
Innowise Germany Markus Schroll + ms(at)innowise.de
Pixelpark Germany Roland Westermaier + roland.westermaier(at)pixelpark.com
Food-Processing Initiative - FPI Germany Sylvia Pfaff
Norbert Reichl
Food Industrial Research and Technological Development Company SA – ETAT Greece Matina Fournarakou + m.fournarakou(at)etat.gr
European food information council – EUFIC Belgium Sofia Valleley +32.2.506.89.89 sofia.valleley(at)eufic.org
Campden BRI Magyarország Hungary András Sebok + a.sebok(at)campdenkht.com
Agenzia per la promozione della ricerca europea - APRE Italy Federica Prete + prete(at)APRE.it
Alma mater studiorum-universita di bologna Italy Lucia Vannini + lucia.vannini2(at)unibo.it
Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research Netherlands Ariette Matser +31.313. ariette.matser(at)wur.nl
Inovamais Portugal Alexandra Oliveira +351.
Institute of food bioresources – IBA Romania Claudia Mosoiu + claudia.mosoiu(at)bioresurse.ro
Asociación de investigación de la industria agroalimentaria – AINIA Spain María Moreno +34.961.36.60.56 mmoreno(at)ainia.es
Lund university Sweden Kerstin Skog + Kerstin.Skog(at)appliednutrition.lth.se