[November, 2010]

AgriFoodResults is a European project, funded by the European Commission that intends to answer the need for a better dissemination of results of food research. The vision is to improve the cost effectiveness of agree-food research activities by enhancing the transfer of the results to the end-users. Researchers will get guidance and information and food industry can get a one-stop-information pool.

AgriFoodResults Activities

Researchers are the most important users of the project results, followed by the policy makers, the food industry and the consumers.

The first report from AgriFoodResults provides an overview of dissemination activities implemented in FP6 and FP7 food research projects.

Read interesting results on audience, resources, dissemination sources and timing.

Click here to know more about Dissemination practices in FP6 and FP7 food research projects.

AgriFoodResults advice on dissemination strategies

Define your TARGET AUDIENCE and select suitable communication activities

When preparing a FP7 project, you need to identify activities for your dissemination work package. These activities should take into account the needs of your target audience.

In order to help you selecting these activities, AgriFoodResults identified the best activities to reach scientists, the food industry, policy makers and consumers.

Click here to know more about Strategies for communication of food research results.

AgriFoodResults Communicating science

“Frequently, the solutions proposed by scientists are hindered by poor communication”

Read the new Gene Likens article about the role of science in decision making, published in “Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment”. Read More...

“Interface” organizations are groups created to foster the use of science in environmental policy, management, and education.”

In “The Role of Interface Organizations in Science Communication and Understanding” several authors compare interface organizations to illustrate their diversity and importance in promoting the application of science. Read More...

"Four recommendations to strengthen the dialogue between the scientific community and the public"

In “Do Scientists Understand the Public?”, a new paper based on the Academy study, science journalist Chris Mooney examine ways to improve engagement between the scientific and public communities. Read More...


AgriFoodResults Events

18 Nov 2010

4th Congress of the International Society of Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics (ISNN) “From reference intakes to personalized nutrition”   More..

18 & 19 Nov 2010

CIAA Congress 2010 More..

22 Nov 2010

7th International Fresenius Conference -Contaminants and Residues in Food   More..

23 Nov 2010

SciTech Europe: Invest, Innovate, Integrate More..

24 Nov 2010

The ENDURE Network of Excellence shares the fruits of four years’ research with the crop protection community   More..

1 Dec 2010

Biopolymers' 2010 - Food Matrices: Construction, destructuring, sensory and nutritional properties More..

"COMMUNICATION STAR 2011" AgriFoodResults Final Conference
will be held on 1st of March, 2011 in Brussels. More information coming...

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