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AgriFoodResults is a European project, funded by the European Commission that intends to answer the need for a better dissemination of results of food research. The vision is to improve the cost effectiveness of agree-food research activities by enhancing the transfer of the results to the end-users. Researchers will get guidance and information and food industry can get a one-stop-information pool.

AgriFoodResults final results

The AgriFoodResults project ends on 31 May 2011. The main results include:

- A survey report on dissemination practices in FP6 and FP7 food research projects;
- A report on strategies for communication of scientific results in the food sector;
- Four guidelines: a general guide for dissemination manager and three guides for communication towards specific audiences (food SMEs, policy makers and consumers);
- A directory of information relay: an on-line directory with contact details of more than 200 information relays revelant to the food sector;
- Virtual supermarket: an innovative web solution for communicating project results;
- AgriFoodResults.eu/wiki: a collaborative website presenting results of food research projects;
- Communication Star 2011: a European competition rewarding European food research projects for their dissemination practices;
- A final report summarising the key findings and presenting ideas for FP8.

Seven training sessions on communication have been organised. The project also helped to disseminate results of 19 national and European food research projects.

The website will be maintained at least until mid 2014. Register members have access to the directory and can publish information themselves about their events. Scientists and communication managers are also encouraged to contact us to include their results to the virtual supermarket and to AgriFoodResults.eu/wiki.

All results are available at www.agrifoodresults.eu.

8 ideas for FP8

The final AgriFoodResults report provides recommendations that should be considered to achieve success in communicating results from food research projects in the FP8. Eight ideas are proposed:

helena logo Idea 1: Take into account the specificities of the food sector.
Idea 2: Stimulate the use of intermediaries such as regional innovation networks.
Idea 3: Facilitate access to research results and knowledge.
Idea 4: Make dissemination more professional.
Idea 5: Stimulate the participation of stakeholders via involvement of user groups.
Idea 6: Implement mechanisms to stimulate knowledge transfer after the end of the project.
Idea 7: Promote the importance of communication activities by rewarding projects for their dissemination strategy.
Idea 8: Promote the use of innovative communication tools.

Read an on-line version of these recommendations here or download a pdf version here.

AgriFoodResults wiki

AgriFoodResults.eu/wiki is a collaborative platform presenting results of research projects relevant to the food sector.

The objective is to provide a unique access point to results of projects dedicated to food science.

This platform works as wikipedia as it consists of articles, the main principle being "1 result = 1 article". The website is entirely independent (the pages can not be found on Wikipedia) and you can search information by keywords, by projects or by categories. Each result is presented in a synthetic way with a similar structure and links to other resources.
wiki image

Enter AgriFoodResults wiki here

AgriFoodResults Study Case

HELENA - Healthy Lifestyle in Europe by Nutrition in Adolescence
helena logoThe main objective of this project was to obtain data of European adolescents, regarding “foods and nutrients intake, food choices and preferences, obesity prevalence, dislipidemia, insulin resistance, vitamin and minerals status, immunological markers for subclinical malnutrition, physical activity and fitness patterns, and variations of the nucleotide sequence in selected genes.”

HELENA Project was the winner of "Communication Star 2011 ", in the small projects category. This recognition was the result of a successful communication strategy that included:

- Classical dissemination activities with the pubmlication of press releases. It is important to highlight the involvement of the National Education authorities in this process.

- International Technology Offer with two web tools: “Food–O–Meter and Activ–O-Meter”;

- A website providing information regarding adolescents health;

- Food Today articles published by EUFIC in several languages;

- HELENA Guidebook, a guidebook with show cases of all the project results;

- Scientific Publications and presentation of the project results in 48 conferences;

- 6 workshops on nutrition and health issues;

The consortium used communication tools adapted to each target groups:

- For the participating adolescents, reports, intervention activities and the project website were used;
- For the general public, press releases and the project website were used;
- And for the National Authorities, reports, the HELENA guidebook were used.

More information on HELENA Project are available here.

AgriFoodResults Events

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